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 "Εver since I can remember myself I was trying to shape my environment, spending hours on imagining, analyzing and handcrafting objects and shelters".  

  Konstantinos Stathopoulos after graduating from the public high school, he entered the School of Architecture where he took classes of a wide spectrum, ranging from urban planning, architectural design, structural engineering to history, arts and philosophy. In 2010 he delivered a dissertation on the field of urban sociology and philosophy, titled “Graffiti”.

  In 2012 his undergraduate thesis was on sustainable design, titled “Timber Residence” and gained numerous good critics and the Materiality Award. In continuance to his thesis and in pursuit of his interest in materials, he attended the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of Materials Science and Engineering.

 In 2015 as a result of a thorough research, he delivered the postgraduate thesis named “Study on stabilization of clay mortars”.  During his academic studies, he participated in numerous workshops specifically oriented in traditional building techniques. In addition he was working occasionally as a concept designer, scenographer assistant and muralist.

In the period 2015-2017 he was a collaborator architect of AD architects, leaving his mark on the concept of projects such as the "lap pool house", "casa Leone" and "touch of new". The last couple of years he expresses his personal writing by founding konstantinos stathopoulos | KRAK. architects. His project "Casa Odyssia", has gained attention and was selected amongst the best designs for the 10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects. 

  The game of shaping the environment, solving problems and creation is what still keeps him motivated and enthusiast for Architecture.


MSc in Materials Science and Engineering, June 2015

School of Chemical Engineering National Technical University of Athens


Architectural Engineering 5 year degree, October 2012

School of Architectural Engineering National Technical University of Athens


Erasmus program, 2 semesters, June 2009

Facoltà “Ludovico Quaroni” La Sapienza Università di Roma

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