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Camboo House
Camboo House
Camboo House
Camboo House

Camboo house

  The competition’s goal was about reinventing the Cambodian house to a contemporary and attractive space to live in. The house should integrate to the local climate and landscape. The synthesis was directioned in the pre-existing knowledge that is found in the rural houses of Cambodia. The traditional plan has been enriched with extra spaces (loft, rooms, WC) while the horizontal and vertical movements remain distinct from the living spaces. 

  The area suffers from severe humidity and high temperatures so the good ventilation of the house is vital. The unobstructed air flow is being achieved with voids under the roof and between the two parts of the roof. In addition the ground floor is a vital space that provides shadow for the dry season (umbrella effect). The special weather conditions of Cambodia impose the use of materials that can resist to the humidity and the continuous rain. 

 Bamboo is being selected as predominant material to ensure the strength and the security of the structure while banana leafs are selected as a cheap and local filler material. Bamboo is a sustainable source, with short cycle of growth, it is biodegradable and has low embodied energy. All the bamboo piles have industrial dimensions, so they can be easily found in market and small length that renders simple the assemblage of the structure.

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K. Mpali
C. Triantos
A. Michalopoulou
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