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Collective Housing Complex
Collective Housing Complex
Collective Housing Complex
Complex View
Collective Housing Complex plan
Collective Housing part-floor

Collective Housing Complex

 This study attempts the Implementation of collective housing complexes with collaborative functions (”agora”, offices) in the urban tissue. The site is located on the ancient road from Athens to Piraeus, in a meeting point of different urban scales, functions and characteristics. Northside a train rail barrier separates the site from small scale housing and a forest. Westside it borders with  bigscale  residential blocks and at the South-East with the main road and big scale fabricas, offices and commercial buildings.    

  The solution comes by bridging the components of the urban tissue together in a dynamic usage of the space. An aerial movement bridges the site with the forest and an underground movement connects the complex with the offices in the south. The elements of the composition are invading the urban environment in a “choreographic” usage of space  aiming to start a crack in the urban grid regularity.

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University Project
9th Semester
S. Stavridis
S. Kotsirilos
H. Grivokostopoulos
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