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Elementary School
Approaching the site
The main School Yard
The spiral corridor
The concept of the class
Upper floor

Elementary School

  The school is a structural element of society, it chiseling the character of humans and more importantly assists the kids to built a collective consciousness in a regulation of their ego. A key problem thought is to leave space for the kids to develop their own personality according to their abilities and charismas, it's  common in schools the nessecity for order to exceeds the limits against freedom, creativity and imagination. The sence of secureness should be in balance with the needs for creation and freedom.

  From the very beggining, the synthesis was structured with these in mind, a library should be in the heart of the school instead of the classes. Simple architectural shapes and structure leaves space for imagination  and provides the sence of stability.The structure of a "spiral" very simple and strong form allowes the creation of a journey from class to class with ending in the library, it connects the spaces while it gives the sense of a total structure (collective). It creates an interior "hag" and at the same time it acts as a barrier to the urban space at the perimeter of the site (secureness).

  The spiral leaves a large space in its beggining symbolizing the basic entrance and "welcoming" to the school, while in its full length a semi-patio corridor assists the transition from the interior to exterior.

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University Project
5th Semester
Public School
T. Mpiris
P. Vlahos
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