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Group of 4 Residences
Approaching the site
Entrance View
Interior View
Outdoor spaces
Ground floor

Group Of 4 Residences

  In a similar logic to the previous project and in a nearby site, here is attempted the design of four residences that form a complex. In an equivalent architectural form the bedrooms are above in "boxes" and each box refers to  a residence. The living spaces are placed on the ground floor in an open space plan and in contact with the yards.

  Between the interior and the exterior always there are covered spaces that bound the functions together by providing smooth transitions. The Yards on the back of the site are separated between each other by walls in a light frame logic, thus leaving the ability to a future transform, in case the habitants want to share yards or have optical communication.

  The frame cover above the "boxes" allows an extensive usage of the terraces and together with the perimetric stone base are the  elements that bound together the synthesis  creating the sense of a total.

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University Project
4th Semester
T. Papaioannou
D. Koudounis
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