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Modern Caves

  The two houses in Crete are a discovery experience, a lost treasure game. They constitute a revelation when one approaches them, while from afar, they are simply deleted
rocky landscape. Hidden in the plot and neatly distributed, surrounded by natural terrain,
pointing opposite each other, following the natural flow of soil. Like the early caves, the houses appear to be part of the morphology so that their structure is appropriated by the topography and born from the ground itself. For the sake of minimal interference, the two houses do not come into direct contact with the South while obtaining maximum privacy.
  Their relationship to the place represents the randomness with which unexpected host cavities can be created between rocks and rocks, which irregularly touch each other. Then, once the "boundary" is discovered and created, the point that separates the interior from the outside can be inhabited.
  Their effortless nature, as if they had always been there and simply acquired life at some point, makes them all authentic, blends of intact and artificial. This is how the dipoles emerge
rock-glass, light-dark and open-closed, giving a space of contrast in which life "happens".
From the beginning, the route for each residence has been directed and the visitor is guided through a predetermined dark path inside the rock, to the luxurious outskirts.
cave. It will stand on the circular podium, the sign that marks the entrance to the residence. There, the view welcomes him. The potential of the moment is enhanced by the targeted reds
colored lighting coming from inside. Continuing its course, the visitor will encounter the rest of the courtyard with warm yellow lighting, while observing the intense blue lighting in the humid elements.
In the western dwelling the volumes are coordinated in such a way that the single aperture at the most central point has the most complete visual range, like a wide-angle lens.
An east-facing infinity pool is created in the east house to highlight the skyline.
Both luxurious houses, in the form of modern luxury caves, boast high-quality housing, reflecting all the authenticity of the Greek countryside.
In conclusion, like other rocks, which existed on the site and some were simply inhabited, the two houses in Crete, surprise the visitor as vertical rock outcrops through the land
which are characterized by the interiority of the materials, the capacity of striking lighting and the integrity of the optical fuses.

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Lead Architect-
Concept Designer
A. Dallas

Statical Study
Mechanical Study Tetractys
G. Liakos
I. Marcantonatou
A. Visvinis
Architecture Studio
AD architects
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