Pool House
Pool House
Pool House
Pool House - construction site
Pool House - construction site
Pool House
Pool House
Pool House
Pool House
Pool House

The Lap Pool House

   Inspired by the geophysical phenomena that shape the physiognomy of the island, the  "Lap Pool House" residence in Tinos, is a re-interpretation of the conflict between the stone and the air. This endless battle creates  pedestals and cavities while the concrete slab seems to have been placed as a wedge on the site by a hand-crafted craftsman.

    In any case, the result is noticeably distinct from its natural surroundings and at the same time, it emerges into a natural landmark.

 The dynamic minimalist dwelling describes these spatial qualities and its relationship, exposure  and introversion, creating, pedestals and cavities of hospitality, which they emerge in and out of the landscape. At the same time, it differs from this through it of its material, as a slit in the natural relief. In this way, spaces are created autonomous and in full exposure, at the same time as others they turn inside, perfectly protected. Among them, the linear aquatic element introduces an additional factor, the liquidity.

   In the end, the residence is a reference to the qualities of the factors that make up the natural landscape, while attempting to rewrite the continuous interaction between the elements of nature.

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Lead Architect-
Concept Designer
A. Dallas
A. Michael

Statical Study
T. Hrisovergis
Mechanical Study  E. Tentis
L. Tozai
Architecture Studio
AD architects