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Residence in Filopappou
Exterior View of the entrance
Residence in Filopappou-exterior
Residence in Filopappou-interior
Residence in Filopappou-ground floor

Residence in Filopappou

  Located down the hill of Filopappou in the center of Athens, the project aims to maintain the characteristics and the values  that enable habitants to call a  residence "home". At the same time cultural and climatic conditions  guide the synthetic choices in a path that was followed for centuries in the Athenian landscape. Three  basic elements are positioned in the core of the synthesis.

  The room (box), a personal space of focus, silence, social and climate security. A space that provides individuals the ability to build their own  psychological  and  spiritual  world.  

  The "hayati", a semi-outdoor space, is the essence of climate and social sustainability of the old Athenian houses. The “hayati” is a space that corresponds to the first need of human, the need of placing a cover above his head. It provides shade from the bright and direct sun of Athens and at the same time constitutes a place for gathering and socializing.

   The patio, is the heart of the house, a space that connects the human with nature and becomes the center of  life due to the hot and dry athenian climate.  These three elements take shape by placing the bedrooms above in concrete "boxes" while the living spaces are placed in the middle and in contact with the ground, in an open and flowing plan. The whole construction is founded in a strong  masonry base  that  acts as a  solid  barrier  to the  urban  space.

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University Project
3rd Semester
D. Nikolaou
D. Koudounis
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